Working Through Trauma: Improving Your Life With Trauma Therapy

15 June 2021
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Trauma you experience can have a big impact on your mental health. Childhood neglect or abuse that occurs over a period of time is labeled "complex trauma". A traumatic event can lead to struggles that can be helped with therapy. Without trauma therapy, complex trauma can lead to problems in adulthood such as poor decision making, trouble concentrating, anxiety, depression, or difficulty responding appropriately to situations. A trauma therapist works with you to focus on working through past trauma and help you move forward with your life. Read More 

Teen In Distress? Try PHP Services

15 April 2021
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If you have a teenager who is dealing with emotional challenges, addictions, or destructive behaviors, you have probably tried several different methods to help them overcome their challenges. They are likely in counseling, but what if that is not enough? There is a place where families sometimes get stuck between counseling and admitting them into a full-time treatment facility. What if they are in distress, but not at the point of needing to go away for months at a time? Read More