Teen In Distress? Try PHP Services

15 April 2021
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If you have a teenager who is dealing with emotional challenges, addictions, or destructive behaviors, you have probably tried several different methods to help them overcome their challenges. They are likely in counseling, but what if that is not enough? There is a place where families sometimes get stuck between counseling and admitting them into a full-time treatment facility. What if they are in distress, but not at the point of needing to go away for months at a time? Fortunately, there is an answer; Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHP. 

With PHP services, your teenager will receive four to six hours of different types of therapies and treatments at a facility during the day, and then they will return home to sleep each night. There are many reasons why this may be the method of treatment that you have been looking for, including but not limited to the following.

Learn Coping Skills

Many times when teenagers begin to make bad life decisions such as getting involved in drugs or breaking the law, it stems from something in their life that they are trying to escape. They may be dealing with some emotional challenges that they do not have the tools to fix. PHP services can give them the coping skills they need to deal with things in a healthy manner, potentially improving their dangerous behavior. 

Relationship Help

PHP services are really good for families since parents will have access to their teens each night. This means that they can go for the day and learn new skills, and then come home and discuss them with their parents, potentially strengthening bonds in the process. Learning the skills of how to deal and interact with people in positive ways during the day and then putting those skills into practice each night can be a very productive and beneficial way to strengthen and help relationships. 

In conclusion, if you are at the point where you need help for your distressed teen, but you aren't ready to check them into a treatment center, you should think about signing them up for a partial hospitalization program. Teens who are in distress and do not have the support they need usually end up in extremely serious and dangerous circumstances. Instead of letting your teen get to that point, get them the help they need today, all while continuing to support them yourself. Talk to a PHP treatment center today.