Does Your Inattentive Or Overactive Child Have ADHD? How A Counselor Can Help

29 September 2022
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One of the most difficult things for parents is to discern whether their child may be experiencing ADHD symptoms or if their child just has an excessive amount of energy. Some parents may avoid having their child tested because they do not want their child to be labeled with ADHD. However, seeking guidance from an ADHD counselor can help you determine if your child truly has ADHD or is dealing with just an overabundance of energy, so they can get the treatment they need to live a normal life.

Types of ADHD

Not all cases of ADHD are the same. One child may struggle with being inattentive while another child may be unable to sit still and be overly active. Some children may have a combination of both types of ADHD.

ADHD typically manifests itself early in childhood and may continue into adulthood if not treated properly. Some children may have symptoms that are mild and overlooked or thought to be normal reactions in children. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step to helping your child to cope with the disorder.

Symptoms of ADHD

For a child who primarily has the attention deficit issue with ADHD, you may notice they cannot stay focused when doing homework or watching a movie. They may get frustrated easily when doing chores or forget to follow through when given instructions. They may struggle to listen when you are talking to them and seem as if they rarely hear a word you say.

For a child who has hyperactive symptoms of the condition, you may notice your child fidgets constantly, talks excessively, and frequently interrupts other conversations. Your child may refuse to remain seated for more than a few minutes and appears to be in constant motion climbing, running, or jumping throughout the home or classroom.

Treatment options for ADHD

Behavioral therapy with a counselor is often the first treatment option for children with ADHD. This may be combined with medications if necessary to help your child live a normal life. Family counseling is often recommended for helping other family members cope with disruptions in the home.

ADHD may not always be easy to distinguish between normal over activity in a child. If your child is experiencing symptoms of ADHD, scheduling an appointment with a counselor can help you determine if your child has true ADHD or is just experiencing an unusual amount of energy. Knowing the difference is important to help your child get the treatment they need for ADHD if it is causing disruption in your child's life.

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