Online Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

26 July 2022
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Imagine tearing down the walls between this life and future lives to explore yourself in ways you never thought possible. Online past life regression therapy sessions do just that. Past Life Regression (PLR) hypnotherapy relaxes the subject to the point of subconscious exploration. Learn more about PLR and how it can help you get in touch with yourself and the universe.

Basis Behind Past Life Regression

As the name suggests, PLR allows people to explore past lives based on the principle of reincarnation. Reincarnation states that humans experience multiple lives. Once a human dies, their soul transfers to another body in a new time. While most commonly associated with Hinduism, reincarnation does not apply to any particular religion. It does not need to coincide with organized religion at all.

What To Expect During Past Life Regression Hypnosis Sessions

During your session, a professional will use hypnosis to remove inhibitions and guide your mind through the process. While in a deeply relaxed state, your brain will open up to experiences from past lives. Instead of thinking linearly as normal, your thoughts can transcend time and physical limitations. The professional will help you answer important questions about what you experience. 

People have unique experiences since we all lived different past lives. One person may experience life as a teacher and mother in early 20th century Ireland, while another person may experience life as a pet dog for a samurai in ancient Japan. The options are limitless. 

Some people endure trauma in a past life. Others enjoy happiness.

How Online Past Life Regressional Therapy Sessions Can Help

Your past lives will give you the opportunity to understand yourself more on a level that doesn't make sense in your current life. Furthermore, past lives can help you connect to the universe in general. You realize that we all make up a small portion of a much bigger picture. Suddenly, stress doesn't feel as heavy. The stress is nothing compared to the larger picture. It can also help people get past emotional or mental blocks, such as writer's block or the inability to become emotionally vulnerable.

PLR can help people explore and get over trauma from a past life. You can use the coping mechanisms you learned to handle the trauma that comes your way in the future. Some people can relate trauma from a past life to trauma in this life.

Unlike many other therapies, you don't need to perform PLR regularly. Try once to open your eyes to the possibilities.

For more information, contact an online past life regression therapy session provider in your area.