How 12-Step Treatment Programs Complement Substance Abuse Treatment

24 March 2022
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For many pilots, substance abuse treatment is a complex situation. You may need to get treatment so that you can work safely, but work can also stand in the way of treatment, or so it seems. You may want to turn to multiple options for treatment as a result. Instead of simply attending inpatient or outpatient treatment, you might consider group meetings as well.

Are you considering a 12-step treatment program to complement your substance abuse treatment plan? These are some of the reasons why you might want to use a 12-step treatment program as part of your independent treatment plan.

12-Step Treatment Offers Community Support

Social support can be critical during substance abuse treatment. For many people, going through substance abuse treatment can be incredibly lonely. You will benefit from the social support that helps you feel less alone, and you will also benefit from being part of a community that sheds shame associated with getting help.

With community support, you also get to see how others are dealing with issues similar to yours. You will learn new strategies that help you focus on your recovery, and you can also discuss what has been helpful or detrimental to your own treatment.

12-Step Groups Are Available After Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of 12-step treatment is that it is there for you after treatment, promoting health and abstinence when you need it. If you are having moments where you are unsure how to move forward, group meetings can be a source of comfort.

After treatment, these meetings are available to help you through the challenges of life. You may benefit from a reminder of your commitment, or perhaps you want to remind yourself of the social and community support that comes with treatment.

12-Step Treatment Is Available on Your Schedule

As a pilot, you have a busy schedule. You may not be able to attend the same meetings each week, especially if you travel often. You can benefit from having access to a variety of meetings. When you attend 12-step groups, this becomes much more accessible to you. You are never alone, no matter where you are in the world.

Consider 12-Step Treatment

Even if you are already pursuing substance abuse treatment, 12-step options are available to help you through even more difficult elements. Contact a treatment provider like Lehigh Valley Counselors to learn more about getting help available for substance abuse treatment.