How Does Ibogaine Treat Drug Addiction?

28 May 2020
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Drug addiction has the potential to destroy lives. People will do shocking things in order to fuel their addiction, and advanced states of drug addiction often make it hard for people to hold down jobs. Quitting "cold turkey" is rarely the answer. Drug treatment programs give people the best chance of success. The most effective drug treatment programs use ibogaine as part of their treatment plan. Here are four reasons why ibogaine is so effective at treating drug addiction:

1. It decreases physical cravings for opioids.

Ibogaine is derived from a plant with special curative properties. It decreases a person's physical cravings for opioids, which can make the detox process easier. Opioids stimulate the reward system in the brain, flooding a person's system with dopamine. Ibogaine binds to dopamine receptors in the brain, which means it negates the euphoric feeling that people seek when using drugs. It can also help your brain regulate its production of dopamine and serotonin, which can restore a sense of wellbeing.

2. It encourages reflection.

Ibogaine has psychoactive properties which can change your perception. Initially, you will experience mild hallucinations. However, you will be in a safe place, monitored by professionals at all times. The psychoactive effects of ibogaine encourage people to avoid distractions so they can focus more fully on their mental state. People are more reflective while under the influence of ibogaine. This reflection can help you reconsider your drug use, which can allow you to find a way to overcome the psychological aspects of your addiction.

3. It can make counseling more effective.

Ibogaine can be used to encourage openness in therapy. Addiction counseling is vital for your healing, but many people are resistant to the idea of therapy due to mental barriers. By using ibogaine in safe ways prescribed by medical doctors, you can dig deeper in therapy. Allow a counselor to help you manage your addiction so you don't relapse once you get back home.

4. It encourages patients to seek treatment.

Ibogaine is not available in the United States. In order to take advantage of this treatment, patients must travel to Mexico where it's offered by ibogaine treatment centers. Traveling to Mexico is a commitment to recovery. People are more likely to recover from addiction in inpatient settings due to the lack of temptation. Ibogaine treatment centers are inpatient facilities that treat both the body and mind for drug addiction. People who might not have otherwise sought inpatient treatment may take advantage of an ibogaine center in Mexico.