Treat Your Addiction To Prescription Opiates

18 April 2018
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If you injured your neck in a bike accident and were prescribed painkillers that are classified as opiates, it can be frightening to realize that you have become addicted to your medication and that you need it to function each day. If you are tired of scrounging around to locate pills that were accidentally dropped or begging your doctor to prescribe you more pills, kick the habit once and for all with the following detox and recovery tips.

Seek Drug Treatment Services

An inpatient or outpatient drug treatment service will provide you with a safe atmosphere to spend time in while withdrawing from painkillers. If you are apprehensive about giving up your medication, reaching out to a counselor at a treatment facility will put uncertainties to rest and will help you realize that you are not in this fight alone.

A counselor will describe the drug treatment programs that are offered and will explain the costs. If you are currently employed and cannot make a long-term commitment by staying in a residential treatment center, seek outpatient services that will fit into your schedule. To minimize disruptions to your life, choose to begin your life in recovery on a day that you have no other obligations to handle.

Since withdrawal from opiates can include nausea, depression, and anxiety, being free from other responsibilities will provide you with a better chance of succeeding at your recovery. 

Obtain Moral Support And Join A Pain Management Program

If you have people on your side who can provide you with moral support, you may feel more comfortable while going through the withdrawal process and could potentially remain strong when faced with a craving for a painkiller. Of course, your counselor will be in your corner, but it is important to reach out to your family members and close friends during this trying time.

Tell your loved ones about the struggle that you have been dealing with and your intentions to live a drug-free life. Obtain additional supporters by attending narcotics anonymous meetings. Meetings are designed to help people from all walks of life. People who attend meetings are never judged. They are encouraged to share their stories of addiction and the coping strategies that they use to remain drug-free.

If pain is still a constant problem in your life, speak to your counselor about it and the symptoms that you have been experiencing. Your counselor may recommend that you join a pain management program. This type of program will provide you with valuable resources that will assist with reducing or eliminating pain with a healthy diet, exercise, and non-addictive medications. 

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