Two Common Questions About Pediatric Speech Therapy Answered

27 March 2016
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The ability to clearly speak is one of the most important skills that a person can possess. In addition to helping people form meaningful relationships, communication is a key ability needed for most jobs. Unfortunately, there can be a number of developmental disorders that may negatively impact your child's ability to effectively develop this skill. While speech therapy can be highly effective for those with these issues, there may be a couple of questions that you need answered before deciding to seek this care for your child.

How Can A Parent Know If Their Child Would Benefit From These Sessions?

There can be many warning signs that a child may need this type of therapy. Whether it is a noticeable lisp, an inability to smoothly form sentences or stuttering, these issues should always be evaluated by a trained pediatric speech therapist. These individuals will be able to determine whether the problem is due to a temporary developmental issue, such as missing teeth, or a more serious problem that requires therapy. During this evaluation, the therapist will inspect the child's mouth for structural issues before having them say phrases and words to test their ability. By looking for words and phrases that the child is consistently having difficulty saying, it will be possible to gauge the severity of the problem as well as devise a treatment plan.

How Long Will A Child Require Speech Therapy?

Unfortunately, there can be no easy way to determine how long a child will require this type of care. The severity of the speech problem is one of the major factors in determining the amount of therapy that is needed, but it is not the only factor. These therapists may assign home exercises to help reinforce the lessons that were learned during the therapy sessions. By making sure to perform these home exercises, it may be possible to greatly reduce the number of formal therapy sessions that will be needed.

Ensuring that your child is able to clearly speak is an important skill to impart in them, but speech development issues can compromise your child's ability to learn this ability. Not surprisingly, parents of children with speech impairments may wonder what their options are for addressing this potentially serious issue. Fortunately, knowing the warning signs that a child requires pediatric speech therapy as well as the importance of at-home exercises can help you to make the best choices possible for your child.