Want To Do A Church Event For Couples? The Easy Way To Plan A Great Event

17 March 2016
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If you would like to put on a day at your church or parish where couples can get together to strengthen their marriage and have fun, there are a lot of different options. If you don't have a big budget you can charge for the event to make planning easier. Marketing in the church bulletin, social media pages and website shouldn't be hard. Here are a few ideas for planning your day.

Book an Expert Guest Speaker

Find a professional guest speaker that specializes in marriage, relationships and faith. This professional may have written a book, they could run their own parish or church, and they likely have an educational background in counseling or psychology. Finding someone that can relate to your couples and the faith that you have is important. 

Find out the cost to have the speaker come, how much it will be to make their arrangements, and how long you will have with them. Click here to book a relationship expert, such as Dr. Melanie Ross Mills.

Arrange a Pot Luck or Catering

Since you'll have couples at the event for the conference you'll want to arrange a potluck throughout the day. You can have people from your church bring in the dishes for all of the couples at the conference, or you can ask each couple to bring a dish to pass. You'll have to decide how long the event is going to be, what all you want to provide, and if the event should be catered. What you charge or if you charge may dictate what you decide with food. 

Plan Your Other Activities

The guest speaker shouldn't be the only thing you have going on throughout the day. Decide if you want to do ice breakers, quizzed, interactive games, trivia and more. You can have games that are going to encourage the couples to find out more about each other and to bond, and other fun games for the couples to compete against each other. If you have prizes or not is up to you.

You can ask members for other ideas if they are looking for a specific type of event or conference, or if there are any specific guest speakers they would like to interact with. If you want to bring all of the couples that belong to your place of worship together, make sure that they can have fun in a relaxed environment, and that they can leave the day with some great knowledge.