3 Reasons To Attend Family Counseling When Blending Two Families

11 March 2016
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All families struggle through difficulties and issues, but blended families have their own unique challenges. If you are getting ready to remarry and will be blending two families into one, one of the best things you could do to make this transition easier and more successful is seek help from a family counselor. Here are three ways family counseling can help you merge two families together in a way that is best for everyone involved.

Children can voice their fears and concerns

Children often have fears when it comes to the unknowns in life, and when two families are about to merge, it can trigger questions, fears, and concerns. Family counseling allows the children to talk individually or as a group about these fears and concerns. This helps them communicate and release what they are thinking and feeling, and it can be a great way to offer reassurance to them about these thoughts.

This is a very important step in blending two families. If you want this new lifestyle to work, you will need to address the issues the children have.

They can learn what this new family unit will look like

The second benefit of family counseling is that it will help all of you understand what this new family unit will look like. During the sessions, you can talk together as a group and discuss the following things:

  • Where you will live and how the bedrooms will be divided.
  • How the work schedules will go with the parents.
  • Who will be home watching the kids.
  • Who will take the kids to and from their activities.
  • How chores and housework will be completed.

When two families move in together, there will be changes. As parents, it's important to try to keep some things the same, though. This will help the kids feel more comfortable and confident with the new environment. There will also be changes though, and it is important to discuss these and allow the kids to offer their opinions, thoughts, and insight on these changes.

It educates parents on how to handle this new challenge

While it will take a lot for the kids to adjust to the new environment, it may also be difficult for the parents. As the adults in the house, you will both have to make sure you communicate well with each other, and you will need to make sure you are a team. Through family counseling, you can learn strategies for this and for working out family issues, and you will also be able to learn the best techniques for making this new family unit work out well for everyone involved.

If you are about to remarry and want to make sure you handle it properly, you may want to consider attending family counseling. To learn more, contact a family counselor today. For more information, contact a practice like Giblin Consulting