Think Your Child Has ADHD? Why The ADHD Evaluation Is Important And Beneficial

22 August 2018
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Is your child exhibiting behavior that makes you believe he or she has ADHD? Children with the disorder may be hyperactive, slightly more aggressive than other children their age, and even a bit impulsive. Your child could even have trouble learning in the classroom due to this disorder, causing his or her grades to suffer because of it. If you are concerned, you should talk with your child's pediatrician about an ADHD evaluation. Read More 

Treat Your Addiction To Prescription Opiates

18 April 2018
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If you injured your neck in a bike accident and were prescribed painkillers that are classified as opiates, it can be frightening to realize that you have become addicted to your medication and that you need it to function each day. If you are tired of scrounging around to locate pills that were accidentally dropped or begging your doctor to prescribe you more pills, kick the habit once and for all with the following detox and recovery tips. Read More 

Getting Help From An Executive Coach

22 January 2018
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There are numerous responsibilities that comes with having an executive position at a corporation. For example, you might be in charge of making decisions that can be detrimental to the company if the wrong ones are made. If you feel as though your decisions for the company have not brought any positive results within a satisfactory amount of time, hiring an executive coach might be useful. An executive coach will basically give you ideas that can be used to take your job position to the next level. Read More 

Redefining Your Future: Why You Should Consider Marriage Counseling During A Midlife Crisis

21 July 2016
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One spouse or both spouses feeling the heat of a midlife crisis can be difficult for everyone in the household. A midlife crisis often happens when people feel as if life is passing them by or they are living unfulfilled. During this time, some people attempt to make changes, from slight to drastic. If you or your spouse are going through a midlife crisis it may be a good idea to seek out marriage counseling during this trying time. Read More 

Two Common Questions About Pediatric Speech Therapy Answered

27 March 2016
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The ability to clearly speak is one of the most important skills that a person can possess. In addition to helping people form meaningful relationships, communication is a key ability needed for most jobs. Unfortunately, there can be a number of developmental disorders that may negatively impact your child's ability to effectively develop this skill. While speech therapy can be highly effective for those with these issues, there may be a couple of questions that you need answered before deciding to seek this care for your child. Read More